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The Vietnamese Grill – A Newer, Healthier, and Tastier Way to Enjoy Noodles

We’ve all heard of the noodles. The fanciest and the quickest way to have a tasty and – if you’re in safe hands like ours – healthy meal within a few minutes. They’re one of the most popular food items – and maybe that’s why there are thousands of noodles’ recipes available across different regions of world. They’re versatile: to match them to any type of cuisine, all you need to do is to change their toppings and sausages.

Being a true foodie, it’s highly unlikely that you haven’t been familiar with majority of those flavors and styles of noodles – varying in toppings, sausages, cooking style, or even the type of noodles used.

But the truth is: you always find something missing there. It may be the taste, or the looks. May be the freshness, or even the nutritional side. But the point is: you’re always looking for something better. Something that not just looks good and satisfies your taste buds, but also responsibly considers the nutritional aspects of the serving.

That’s where our Vietnamese Grill comes in.

A Delightful Illustration Of Our Core Values

The Vietnamese Grill is in complete compliance with our restaurant’s core values, which include:

  • Choosing only the best ingredients for the toppings we can find on the market and earnestly preparing them by hand.
  • Sourcing farm-fresh vegetables that are grown in a healthy and hygienic environment.
  • Taking in full account all the aspects of a perfectly prepared, appetizing noodle recipe – from raising vegetables and cooking them, to analyzing their taste and fine-tuning their outlook.
  • Keeping our food miles off the artificial flavors and fillers. We’re all about those genuine, organic and raw ingredients and their flavors.

At FIT NOODLES, we’re trying to cultivate a better overall environment. By taking in account all the nutritional and hygienic aspects of the food, we’re responsibly contributing towards a healthier society – and all without neglecting the importance of serving you with the best possible taste. We’re eradicating the trend of using artificial flavors and fillers in the recipes that put your precious healthy at risk.

Reasons To Try Vietnamese Grill

An Original, Mouthwatering Vietnamese Flavor

Just as the name describes, this dish employs a highly popular and successful Vietnamese recipe. But that’s not all. To match this recipe to everyone’s taste, we have done a few secret tweaks in it – making it more tempting and delicious.

A New Way to Enjoy Noodles

Vietnamese Grill isn’t yet another plain old noodle recipe. Besides noodles, we have rice too. And they way we cook and handle everything else will introduce you to a new delightful way of enjoying noodles.

Flavors That Match Everyone’s Taste

At our restaurant, we’re completely aware of the fact that a taste someone finds delectable might be completely off for another. It may just be the whole recipe, or just the degree of spices that result in this. So that’s why, our Vietnamese Grill comes with four different sausages – varying in flavors and the level of spices employed.

So these were some of the few reasons why the Vietnamese Grill can be the best noodle recipe you’ve ever tried.

Getting your mouth watered already? So, wait no more. Try this fresh, healthy, and delightful noodle recipe at FIT NOODLES today.

Our Other Flagship Recipes

Besides the Vietnamese grill, we have some other appetizing recipes. The Egg Rolls and Summer Rolls that we make are simply the best of their kind. They’re one of our flagship recipes and are almost everyone’s favorite. So, if you’ve been to FIT NOODLES and haven’t tried our Egg and Summer Rolls, it’s a high time you did. Try them and you wouldn’t ask for something better!


Fit Noodles Offers High-Quality, Healthy Convenience For Customers

Sometimes life gets busy. Maybe there’s no time to cook, or maybe the diversion of dining out just sounds like an appealing way to unwind. It can sometimes be tough to find options that are quick, convenient, reasonably priced and — perhaps most challenging of all — healthy.
But Fit Noodles, which opened six months ago on Fort Smallwood Road, offers Pasadena residents a new dining option, and owners Vivian Giang and Hung Thai are eager to introduce Vietnamese cuisine to local patrons.
“I wanted everybody to know Vietnamese food,” said Giang of the restaurant’s inspiration. “Of course, lately, Vietnamese is popular already. Our food is healthy, so we wanted people, when they go out to eat, to be able to eat healthier.”
Giang and Thai already have experience in the restaurant business, having previously opened Life Pho in Severna Park. Before teaming up with Thai, who has been in the food and dining industry for 20 years, Giang was running Nifty Nails on Mountain Road. But Thai needed a business partner and Giang wanted the chance to do something new, so they began a partnership.
After the success of Life Pho, the owners decided to open Fit Noodles in Pasadena because the nearby location would allow them to go back and forth easily between the two restaurants.
Fit Noodles embraces several core values with its menu: choosing only the best ingredients on the market and preparing them by hand; sourcing farm-fresh vegetables that are grown in a healthy and hygienic environment; taking in full account all the aspects of a perfectly prepared noodle recipe; and keeping food free from artificial flavors and fillers.
As the name suggests, the featured dish is noodles, but the restaurant also offers rice, salads and traditional pasta. Customers can select their added vegetables, protein and sauce, but if they need recommendations, the staff is happy to help them with their pairings.
Giang said the response has been great. “I like seeing the customers and seeing them enjoy the food,” she said. “We’ve heard some very good feedback. Some have never tried Vietnamese food before. Some are scared to try new foods, but most really like it.” She added that reviews on Yelp have been positive.
Although there has not been much time for Fit Noodles to become involved in the community, Giang is looking forward to her first opportunity to do so. This fall, Fit Noodles will be a sponsor of the Harlem Wizards basketball team’s visit to Northeast High School as part of a fundraiser for the Sunset Elementary PTA.
Expansion, too, is already imminent. In September, Giang and Thai will open a second Fit Noodles location on Riva Road in Annapolis. “We’re trying to expand the business in the area in a few years,” Giang said. “But we need the energy. It’s a little tough.”
If thinking about noodles has customers craving something fresh and delicious, Giang encourages them to stop by and discover Vietnamese cuisine. Fit Noodles is located at 8487 Fort Smallwood Road in Pasadena and is open from 11:00am to 9:00pm every day. For more information, call 410-437-6544 or visit www.fitnoodles.com